ERA Products Description

ERA's encapsulated power transformers are notable for their high degree of resistance to heat, humidity/moisture and shock/vibration. Due to their very small footprint (23 mm x 22 mm/ 0.906 in X 0.866 in), the 'mini-line' series take up very little space on circuit boards or in equipment housings. ERA 's mini transformers range from 0.08VA to 0.5VA and cover most commonly used primary and secondary voltages. The mini-line series includes the world's smallest encapsulated transformer (height: 12 mm/ 0.472 in), weighing a mere 18 grams (0.935 oz). ERA 's tiny but tough transformers meet UL/CSA requirements for Class 2 power transformers. Their simple, regular shapes make them ideal for installation by automated assembly systems.

Encapsulated transformers provide mechanical and insulation advantages over non-encapsulated transformers, including enhanced mechanical strength, improved shock/vibration and humidity/moisture resistance and better insulation reliability, due to use of epoxy in place of tape/paper insulation. They have reduced winding temperature differential and may be used in higher ambient temperature environments. Per unit costs are reduced by highly automated winding, soldering, laminating and encapsulation processes. Designed for a wide range of different applications (i.e. circuit boards, HVAC systems, appliances, metering, medical), ERA 's epoxy encapsulated transformers are available from 0.08VA -50VA. To fit different space and installation requirements, ERA 's standard transformers come in three different formats: low profile, print-line, and the extremely compact mini-line series. Customized designs and value-added assemblies are available on request.

Sitting in a cutout in the pc board rather than on top of the board itself, the UI30 Series linear transformers claim to be the industry's lowest-profile devices in the 0.08 to 50.0-VA range. The devices' design allows them to fit 
into spaces one-half the height of standard devices-11mm instead of 22 mm, allowing the creation of lower-profile electronics enclosures. The pins on the transformers exit through a stepped flange on the two ends of the devices, 
allowing the flange to sit on the component side of the pc board. The length of the transformer housing is increased slightly- from 44 x 53 to 45
x 63 mm, to accommodate the flange and pin arrangement.

The UI30 Series linear transformers are the industry's lowest-profile devices, since they sit in a cutout in the pc board instead of on the board itself.

A representative model, the UI30/10.5 Series, has a temperature class rating of 40°C and delivers 6VA at 70°C. The model is available with two 115-V primaries and two secondary’s capable of handling from 6V at 500 mA to 21V at 142 mA. Constructed with split bobbins and potted under
vacuum, the transformers weigh 175g. All standard-height model transformers can be modified with the new lower-height flanged design in large volumes

Advantages of Encapsulated Transformers:

  • Better heat dissipation achieved through vacuum encapsulation, resulting in more output power from a smaller, more compact design.
  • Vacuum encapsulation provides protection against external influences (e.g. wash operations) and mechanical stress (e.g. vibration). It also reduces the potential of noise through vibration.
  • Dimensional accuracy of each transformer guaranteed by stable and controlled manufacturing processes, allowing for automatic pick and place operations.

Please contact ERA’s applications engineers for technical support or ERA Sales representatives for additional information on ERA products. For ERA’s complete line of Encapsulated Transformers, please refer to the Products page.