50-60 Hz Encapsulated Transformers, formerly available through Pulse Electronics, are now available at ERA Transformers. ERA offers a complete line of encapsulated 50/60Hz transformers for all your low power, linear transformer needs.

With power ratings from 0.08VA to 60VA, and a wide variety of domestic and international agency approvals, ERA is the industry leader in low power encapsulated transformers.

Our UL, CSA, and VDE-certified encapsulated transformers provide maximum protection by

  • Safeguarding against surges over and above minimum requirements.
  • Using only long-lasting, high-quality materials, to produce transformers of the highest quality, in a controlled, fully automated manufacturing environment.

  Product Categories

Mini-Line THT (EE20)

Up to 0.5VA
Temperature class ta 70◦ C/B

Print-Line THT (EI30-EI54)

Up to 16VA

Temperature class ta 70◦ C/B (EI 30/EI 42)
Temperature class ta 40◦ C/B (EI 48/EI 54)

Low Profile THT (UI30)

Up to 30VA
Temperature class ta 40◦ C/B

Compact Power Supplies

Up to 60 VA
Temperature class ta 40◦C/B