About ERA

ERA Transformers have been manufactured since 1980’s and continue to be one of the leading encapsulated 50-60 Hz transformers sold today.

ERA transformers are manufactured according to the highest quality standards in a 375,000 square foot state of the art facility employing 1200 personnel. All transformers are manufactured in accordance to, and certified by, the UL, CSA, VDE, safety agencies. The quality process is certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14000.

History of ERA Transformers
In 1969, a dynamic individual by the name of Erich Aichele, began producing control gear switches for the gaming industry under the name ERA. Ever since ERA has grown steadfastly, and is recognized as the most trusted brand of encapsulated transformers produced today.

1969   Founded in Ehningen, two-person company on 160 square meters; production of relay coils, small transformers, coils, and cable sets.
1982   Production started at Tunera, Menzel Djemil, Tunisia.
1989   New head office in Herrenberg, Germany constructed.
1996   Transera Inc. founded in Waterloo, Canada.
2000   The FABEG area "Electric Railway Coupling" in Bretten acquired;
 ERA Contact founded.
2003   New Factory in Tunera built, and ERA Plast founded in Tunisia.
2003   ERA Advanced Electrics (Szhou) Co., Ltd., China founded.
2004   BREMI Group acquired.
  • BREMI Auto-Elektrik became ERA PowerTrain (OEM market)
  • BREMI Fahrzeug-Elektrik was regrouped into BREMI--powered by ERA
(after-sales market).
2005   ERA PowerTrain GmbH moved from Kierspe to Meinerzhagen.
2005   Technitrol (Pulse Electronics) announces the acquisition of ERA Group. Erich Aichele, ERA's
 founder, retires after 36 years at the helm of ERA.
2006   Early 2006 the acquisition of the ERA group complete, name changed to
 Pulse Automotive Division.
2010   Pulse Electronics transfer manufacturing of all ERA transformers to Li Shun Da in Ningbo, China.
2012   Li Shun Da acquires ERA Trademark, and the transformer line of products from Pulse Electronics.
2012   Li Shun Da successfully acquires and markets the ERA brand of Encapsulated Transformers globally.

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